Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Clean Bill of Health

My blood tests all came back normal! No Celiac (we'll revisit this), no seasonal allergies (even though I have had months of sinus pressure and have been taking Zyrtec daily), and my Thyroid came back almost normal according to him. "It's just on the low end" were his exact words. "Nothing to worry about". He also told me my liver and kidney function was just fine. The only issue that he could see were a high amount of Vitamin A in my blood, and that I was low in Vitamin D. But again he said this wasn't a big deal, just amp up my daily dose of Vitamin D.

So at this point most people would walk out the door and go get a slice of pizza and a beer because "My doctor just told me I'm healthy!" Well I guess I am weird. The day after I visited the Doc I decided to start the SCD Diet. Why such a drastic step you might ask?

Even though my bloodwork came back within the normal range for everything he tested, it's a known fact even by my Doc that the Celiac test is unreliable. He basically told me that if I wanted an accurate test he would recommend a colonoscopy and and endoscopy. That would give him a better idea of whether I actually have the disease. The problem with that is then I would need to continue eating the wheat until I could go in for those tests. And the day I went in to the Doc I was at my breaking point. I had gained 10 pounds of bloat on the gluten test. I ached all over, including a horrible sinus pressure headache that never really went away. I was so fatigued that at about 3 PM every day I almost went comatose, it was impossible for me to keep up with life. I had been dealing with some major digestive issues. I was just over it. I wanted to feel better. So direct from the doctor's office I headed to the grocery store with my list for the first 2 days of the SCD Diet. Grape jello here I come!

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