Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Intro Diet aka It's a hard knock life

The intro diet wasn't easy, I ain't gonna lie. It's a lot of work to make all the food, and most of it is pretty unappetizing (hamburgers in chicken broth for breakfast just doesn't do it for me). You will get sick from the die off, it's kinda like coming off heroine. I felt like I had the flu. I got chills, migraines, and I was super fatigued for almost 3 days. So far is this sounding good? 

But on day four, I woke up and ate my eggs and pear sauce. Something was different, something had changed. I felt amazing! 

Before I started the diet all I really could do was survive. I always knew that I didn't feel the same as most people. It's funny how you really have no idea how other people feel, but I could always tell that I just didn't have the same energy and drive as the majority. I wanted to be in the majority, I wanted to feel normal. Not super human hyper active like Jack LaLanne, but just ordinarily energetic. I wanted to be able to stay awake all day, and have the energy to cook my husband dinner and maybe even do the dishes afterward. Most days he would come home from work and find me asleep. My extreme fatigue would hit around 3 PM most days. I felt like a zombie the rest of the waking hours.

But four days into this crazy meat feast I was all ready noticing amazing changes. This brings me back to my visit with my Doc. He basically said I was fine, no need to drastically change my diet. I was "healthy". Now if I would've walked out of there believing him I'd still be feeling like a sloth. He probably would've put me back on my Armour Thyroid pills and I'd be surviving on coffee. (Just a thought: Relying on stimulants isn't life. You still are cranky and tired deep down and it effects your whole persona and relationships.) In just four days of not listening to him, by being a rebel, I felt Awesome! My husband came into the kitchen at 10 PM asking me if I was coming to bed. This is unusual for me, I usually beat him to bed. I was actually up doing the dishes, and I was happy about it. I was kind of hyper. My body was running clean and it wanted to keep going. When I did go to sleep I slept like a baby. Things are looking up!

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