Thursday, November 14, 2013

So it's been awhile.... Current rants on the SCD Diet

Sorry people that might actually be wondering if I died! I didn't. I just have been a bit busier than before. It always takes me a few months to adjust to new schedules. Anywho... I am alive, and actually quite well. The diet has had it's ups and downs. Mainly the ups and downs had to do with how well I have been following the diet. I have to say for me personally this diet is amazing. When I stick with it, and eat right, I have energy and feel great. I have been adding things back into my diet slowly but surely, and even though I have cheated a little here and there overall my health is great!

Here are some observations made by people that don't really have a clue about what I am doing, they just know I am doing something...

"Wow! You look great! What diet are you doing?"

"Your skin is looking really good, what makeup do you use?"

"I can't believe how tiny you are! How much weight have you lost?!"
(Just to let you know I am not by any means tiny, but in comparison with my pre-SCD self I am looking pretty good :))

So these words of random people that don't really have a clue are extremely inspiring. They help me to see that even though I haven't changed my makeup, and technically I wouldn't call this a diet for weight loss, something is very different in my life and they covet it and want it for themselves.

When I feel they might actually benefit from what I am doing, I briefly explain what I am doing and they usually walk away thinking or even saying that what I do would be impossible for them. I understand that fact. I too once thought that way. But if you want to live, and not feel "poopy" all of the time this thing really works.  

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